With a special interest in skin care, the founder, an Australian qualified pharmacist since 1998 is a strong advocate on routine application of emollient. With years of extensive study on lanolin, an animal-cruelty-free by-product of wool washing after shearing, he decided to go back to the basics and create a range of boutique lanolin skin care products that are cost effective but without compromising the quality. After a long and winding journey, his dream finally came through in 2014.

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We are proud to say that all FCP lanolin skin care products are manufactured to the highest standard as QUALITY is always our main concern.

We strongly believe that everyone should be able to enjoy a good quality lanolin skin care product on daily basis. Hence, we have reflected this principle with our reachable pricing level to people from all walks of life.

All FCP lanolin skin care products undergo stringent in vivo and in vitro tests in the laboratory to ensure product safety is maintained to its highest level every single time.

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We believe radiant skin comes from healthy dermal cells.

So… please take good care of the fundamentals.